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Challenging folks is what IQ Digits is all about.
This is one puzzle you will want to give to everyone on your gift list. But, of course, it will also be something you will want to splurge on for yourself.
It never stops being a challenge no matter how many times you play it, so there is no way you will get bored with the IQ Digits.


Small enough to sit in your lap while playing with it, the IQ Digits is a visual delight with bright, vibrant colours. Designed to be played alone, it has 120 challenges. Its size makes it the perfect travel game. Everything about this educational toy is modern and appealing.

This one-player puzzle will undoubtedly thrill the young puzzle enthusiast in your life. It is also the ideal choice for anyone a little older and would benefit from a challenging brain boost.

The goal is to crunch the numbers and make them fit. This is one puzzle you simply will not get bored with while playing. Its features of easy to expert levels will encourage you to continue challenging yourself as you play with it. Perfect for ages seven and up, the goal is to add up all the numbers. If you are looking for an educational toy that is also fun. 

Like all the other educational products made by Smart Games, the IQ Digits is made from durable material. It is a high-quality toy designed to stand up well under near-constant use. Perfect for a game on the go, this travel puzzle goes from easy to expert. 

Smart Games: IQ Digits

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