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About Me

Passionate about learning

Nothing brings a smile to my face like seeing a child or adult learn something new and improve their life as a result. I am fortunate to have such broad experience in education in Australia and Overseas, covering primary, secondary, special needs, relief teaching, administration and tutoring.

In the last few years, I've been focusing on empowering children and families to have more confidence with learning, through tutoring, learning programs, parent workshops and webinars, resource development & sales as well as educational consulting. All this whilst raising my 4-yo twins; life is certainly never dull.

Through teaching, tutoring and program facilitation, I have met so many enthusiastic and intelligent parents who all want the same thing- to see their child succeed in life. My hope is that I can empower others to feel more confident with being part of their child’s learning and equip them with the tools, tricks and resources to feel comfortable to support their child’s learning needs at home.

More recently with the Covid-19 challenges, I have heard so many stories of families endeavouring to adapt to the changing world, manage hectic households, work from home and attempt home learning all at the same time. By developing and presenting structured programs, resources and lessons available to all, I hope to alleviate some of the pressure families are facing.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you and your family soon.


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