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Client Testimonials

Erin Arnott = AMAZING
I recently attended a free Teach Me 2 Teach session and the only way to describe it was life changing. Not having school age children yet - we did not know the techniques that the school curriculum is using to teach children to read. The knowledge I learnt will help us setup our kids for success, when they do start school. I would highly recommend this course for all parents as a great base knowledge to then teach your kids.

Kirby Kong

We have been so blessed to have had Erin provide tutoring services to three of our children. For each of them she has been fun, engaging, and has helped them all to achieve their learning goals. Tutoring with Erin was so fun, in fact, that our children frequently argued over whose turn it was to attend because no one wanted to miss out!
Erin is organised, energetic and passionate. She celebrates each child's unique abilities and personalities and nurtures them to bring out their best, and is flexible to adapt to specific needs on any given day (because lets face it - kids can be unpredictable and inconsistent!).
I would recommend Erin Arnott Learning to any parent looking for assistance with their child's learning needs.

Bec Smith

I don’t know where to start, as I think I can write a long long story about this beautiful woman Erin! Our son attends her Little Learners classes ones a week (he is homeschooled) and the week can’t go quick enough for him to join the class! Erin is a natural teacher who loves teaching in a fun and playful way. Since our son started, he comes up with songs I have never heard before, games we now play and his reading is massively improved in a short period time! We have bought great educational books and games. Erin please keep up your great work and I really like to thank you for all your hard work you put in, the advise you have given us and the fun times Kayne had with you! You are a superstar!

Laura Higgins

Salute to Erin Arnott Learning for sharing smiles and imparting lasting knowledge to our kids, building a solid foundation for their lifelong learning journeys! Erin has surely come up with truly innovative programs around literacy, numeracy, linguistics, and so much more😍 Catering to a wide range of age groups, there's something worthwhile for everyone! Shukran Erin and the team for joining us parents, in our efforts to help further the holistic development of our precious kids 😍 you rock👌💪😍

Yusra Sadiq

Erin is absolutely amazing!
We are so lucky to have Erin live locally in Moama, we found her when we were looking for after school tutoring for my son. Over the last 6 months the improvement in confidence, enthusiasm, maturity, knowledge and school report results has been huge.
My son had 1 hour sessions, once a week and really looked forward to his session with Erin. We cannot recommend Erin enough, she has a fantastic rapport with the kids and a way to get the best out of your child in a fun, interactive way.
Thank you Erin, highly recommended.

Belinda Arnell

Erin is so passionate and knowledgeable, and I am so thankful we had the opportunity to go to some of Erin’s workshops and classes. Thank you Erin for making learning so fun and enjoyable and for your generous contribution to the community!

Tenielle Fowler

We attended Little Learners today and Connor loved it. Erin knows how to get the kids listening and engaged in learning. I would highly recommend going to these events and we will be attending more.
Thanks Erin your doing a great job and I had a happy boy telling got me all about what he learnt.

Jamie-Leigh Addison

I attended Teach Me 2 Teach Parent Webinar run by Erin! I highly recommend attending! Erin provided a friendly output, the presentation was concise, engaging, informative, well presented and easy to follow and understand. I was presented with useful tools on how to further enrich my child's learning too. A worthwhile and valuable webinar!

Dina McWilliam

Erin is an amazing teacher! Her lessons are so engaging and well thought out. My daughter is loving the online Numeracy and Literacy classes. She has learnt so much from Erin in such a short space of time. I highly recommend Erin

Kerry Hall

We love Erin! Or more importantly my son loves learning with her!!! Tailoring her approach for someone who doesn’t love school, she knows how to make learning so fun and engaging that he wants to come back for more and his confidence has shot through the roof.

Kirsten Marmion

Fabulous, so so happy with Erin's class. My son who's in Year 1 loved it and can't wait to participate in Erin's classes again! Thank you.

Maria Campbell

Erin Arnott’s Little Learners Tutoring was an amazing literacy and numeracy tutoring group to help our four-year-old son to catch up on learning the fundamentals. Our son had some temporary hearing difficulties at birth which had delayed his speech development and I had tried helping him with learning his numbers and letters to catch up. Despite our best efforts as parents, I could see he was not progressing like his friends and it had gotten to the stage where he would refuse to even try and learn his numbers, letters, reading or writing and didn’t want to go to school. Our son went from avoiding learning anything new at all costs to not wanting to leave Erin’s Little Learners Group. He has come along leaps and bounds at school and the teachers were making positive comments for the first time about both his behaviour and his learning. Most importantly he has now started to love learning in life and has the confidence to try new things all the time. He is even trying to teach his 2-year-old sister her numbers and letters,

Erin’s enthusiasm, passion, knowledge, skills and experience as a teacher show in the fun, interactive and play based learning tasks she has. She also provides detailed student progress feedback and resources at the end of each session. As a mum she also gets that we can’t do it all in a day and also helped break it down step by step of where our son was at, what his strengths were and how to help him to progress to the next level. We really liked how she tailored our child’s sessions to match their interests and needs but also showed them how to be part of a group and learn from and encourage each other. Our son still asks when are we going to Little Learners and as Erin is now in NSW and Victoria we look forward to accessing some online tutoring instead to keep up his good work.

Hayley Coffey

Erin has taught my daughter numeracy one hour a week from age 8 to 10. We came to her because my daughter had fallen in maths, and being in a school catch up class was making no obvious improvement. Erin was superb at identifying the gaps in my daughter’s learning and building her confidence back up. I was most impressed at how hard my daughter was inspired to work during that hour with Erin and how she progressed from relearning the basics to more advanced suns. Erin works out how your child thinks and gives them different strategies that work for them. At the same time, she makes it fun. I feel very lucky for us meeting her.

Eloise Dorado

My girls love Erin and her teaching style. They are always excited to go and never want to leave. Having all this fun while learning so much is an incredible outcome. Thanks Erin for sharing your passion for learning and teaching with parents and their children. ❤️

Sara Conway

Erin Arnott learning is truly an extension of Erins creativity, dedicated attention to detail, skill of balancing many multidisciplinary skill sets and hard bloody work.

As a speech pathologist I can vouch that Erin follows a developmental approach to her teaching and is always striving to ensure she’s working from the most up to date knowledge about children’s education and development. She’s a natural at balancing teaching, behaviour support, language development strategies, child-led and movement based learning principles - makes me envious !

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” - Albert Einstein

Watching Erin in flow when she’s tutoring or hosting programs is truly mesmerising and you get to experience how naturally the skill of teaching, in the broadest sense is to her - she teaches from the heart ❤️

Gina O'Connor

I attended Erin's "Learning - teaching tools for parents" and I have been motivated and feel I have the resources that I have never had before. Resources that complement school and isn't adding to the stress of supporting my child.

Instead of being advised that he is struggling and to read more, and do more homework, I now have the tools that link me to the learning outcomes for my son so I understand how I can motivate him further. Thanks Erin for building a bridge for my son and I.
And, thanks to EPIC for supporting Erin's amazing services. She is so qualified, organised and removes the feeling of being daunted by the challenge. I even have a folder I'm putting together to do some daily targeted learning which Erin took us through

Ree Barrow

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